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Have you thought about having your senior dog 

photographed professionally?

We are looking for SENIOR DOGS AND THEIR FAMILIES  to photograph for our new studio samples, 45 min sessions.

Studio Location

1601 Concord Pike Suite 29, Wilmington, DE 19803
located in the Independence Mall on Rt 202
p. 404.822.8224


This session is for you if can answer yes to the following: 


You can spare an hour to be photographed at our studio in Wilmington.


We have limited sessions so we ask for a refundable $200 deposit to avoid no-shows


You value quality , beautiful photography.

If you said yes to these questions, you are on your way to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be photographed by Delaware's best photography studio! Apply below

What's included in the session?


Complimentary Photography Session ($300 value) 

$100 Gift Voucher (see below for Bonus offer)

Cinematic photo viewing via Zoom

Wardrobe consultation

"The entire photo session was fun and we loved seeing the preview video right after! Kelli is meticulous and cares about your portraits just as much as you do. She spends an incredible amount of time ensuring we loved ALL results."

Jennifer TAllis

Added Bonus  


$100 Bonus

Receive an EXTRA $100 just by keeping your original photo session and viewing day  and time  It's that easy! That's $200 total you can use toward purchases!


Meet the Founder of Portrait Club

Hey, I'm Kelli

Making those fleeting moments last a lifetime…

 As a dog mom and portrait photographer, there is no greater feeling than handing a family a breathtaking memory of your furry family member to  commemorate your time together.    I use composition, light, and intuition to create timeless artwork for your home. I will guide you through our client-centered process from beginning to end, giving you a fully-customizable photographic experience and works of fine art portraiture to last a lifetime.


If you can answer YES to the following two questions, we invite you to fill out our form so we can contact you. 

1. Can you spare and hour to be photographed in our studio in Wilmington, DE?

2. We have LIMITED SESSIONS and would like to ensure that you are 100% onboard so we will ask for a $200 refundable confirmation fee upon booking your session with us.
If this is not a problem, AND you answered YES to the first question, then you are on your way to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be photographed by Delaware's BEST portrait studio. 

Questions?  Click here  for FAQ's

I agree to a Refundable reservation deposit (even for complimentary sessions)
I understand there is no obligation to purchase, my session fee is waived and I will have the option to purchase prints, digital files and wall art using my store credit at my photo viewing. *
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Do you have some questions?

Let's answer them!

Is this a competition?

No, we are looking for  REAL  dogs of all kinds and sizes to fill out our  new studio displays.  Families of all kind, preferably with 2 or more people , no age limit or requirement. Rescues, purebreads, hybrids, and everything in between are always welcome in our studio!  (just please no aggressive dogs for the safety of our staff)

What will i get?

You will receive a custom photography session with an  exclusive award winning portrait studio valued at $300 PLUS a $100 Gift Voucher to use toward any purchases. Receive an ADDED $100 (that makes it $200) if you keep your original session and photo viewing dates. 

Are you looking for models?

No, we are looking for real people to feature. Our clients are real people so we prefer to show real people and all types of dogs, rescues, pure breads and anything in between are welcome.

CAn I bring other family members?

Absolutely! We encourage all guests to bring anyone special to them . We don't charge anything extra to bring other family members!

Can i purchase images from the session?

We would love that, of course, however, there is no obligation to purchase. If you love them enough to own something like a piece of wall art, digital files or other great products we offer, we can help you use your gift voucher toward that purchase during your photo viewing. 

How much do photographs cost?

Where are you located?

Why to you require a Deposit for a free session?


Our studio specializes in producing beautiful home decor pieces including wall acrylics, print collections and digital file collections . Print pricing starts at $495 for matted, retouched fine art prints. To learn more about our products, click here.  Most clients spend around $1800-$2000 on average for their digital files or artwork.

We are located on the main level of the Independence Mall in Wilmington DE. Easy entrance for dogs with mobility issues, parking right out front of the studio. 

We go to a lot of planning and expense to do our sample sessions. Unfortunately in the past when we have done complimentary sessions, we have had a lot of no-shows. This deposit is  basically our insurance that you are serious and committed to the project. The $200 deposit is fully refundable if you keep your appointment or you may apply it to any purchases.

Of course! When you book your portrait session, you will receive a list of suggestions and a link to our What to Wear Guide. We remove the stress of the decision making and keep things simple by recommending everyone wear black or dark tones. With the portraits being black and white, these look best. If you have any questions, we are always here to help guide you.


We are so excited that you are ready to capture your dogs. It is truly the best gift you can give yourself. We are looking forward to meeting you and your furry friends! Click below if you are READY! 

1601 Concord Pike Suite 29. Wilmington, DE 19803

p. 404.822.8224